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Chorvinsky, Mark

Strange Magazine

Born on March 4, 1954. Author and researcher of unknown phenomenon's including cryptozoology. Editor of Strange Magazine.

The Editor
Strange Magazine
PO Box 2246
Rockville, MD 20847
Telephone: (301) 460-4789
Fax: (301) 460-4789
The Strange Magazine Web Site

Clark, Jerome E.

Born November 27, 1946. Author and researcher of unknown phenomenon's including cryptozoology.

Coleman, Jerry D.

Myth or Real: Lawndale Thunderbird
Myth or Real: Lawndale Thunderbird

Author, Strange Highways, a Guidebook to American Mysteries. An original assortment of true unexplained stories from hauntings to monster birds. With an unprecedented prospective, sure to stir the paranormal universe into a debate. Jerry D. Coleman's, Strange Highways, a Guidebook to American Mysteries, reveals hoaxes and introduces some exclusive tales of phenomenon.

Pursues and examines a 25 year old puzzling case, balances momentous events with courteous humor, it goes one step beyond, Strange Highways, a Guidebook to American Mysteries, examining the unexplained! Book is due out Halloween of 2003 from Whitechapel Press.

Coleman, an investigator of strange phenomenon and bizarre events for over thirty years, contributed to numerous books in the 1970's and 1980's, his first solo article in the December 1983 issue of FATE magazine, then creating and producing the earliest of its kind in collector cards, Myth or Real in 1994, has written several newspaper articles, a guest of numerous radio broadcasts, traveled the continental United States from coast to coast as well as Hawaii, Mexico, Canada, Europe and the Bahamas Islands in gathering his unique style and experience at examining the unexplained. Coleman receiving his education the hard knocks way, become known as a candid, impartial, and pleasant interviewer, a serious veteran monster hunter, and also did consulting work for a Discover Channel special.

Born in Macon County, Illinois, October 3rd. 1951 at 11 pounds 14 and a half ounces, his mother called him a phenomena! Now the father of four, he tends to agree with his mother's first impression. An experienced outdoorsman and accomplished guide, his commonsense approach to the world around, serves him well. He takes pride in wearing no labels from organized groups, giving him the true freedom to speak his mind.

Journey with Jerry past the "self proclaimed experts", into your mind of logic and commonsense to Strange Highways, a Guidebook to American Mysteries, examining the unexplained!

Copyright © Jerry D. Coleman 2002

Coleman, Loren

Loren Coleman
Copyright © Loren Coleman
Photo courtesy of Michel Raynal

The Cryptozoologist

Loren Coleman is one of the world's leading cryptozoologists. An honorary member of several cryptozoological organizations, he is a Life Member of the International Society of Cryptozoology. Coleman has written books and more than a hundred articles on the subject, has appeared frequently on radio and television programs, and has lectured from Idaho to London. A documentary filmmaker himself, he has been both on- and off-camera consultant to NBC-TV's Unsolved Mysteries, A&E's Ancient Mysteries & In Search of History, Discovery Channel's In the Unknown, and other reality-based programs. He contributes a bimonthly cryptozoology column, "On the Trail," to the London-based international magazine Fortean Times, and "Mysterious World" to Fate.

Coleman has been investigating, in the field and in the library, cryptozoological evidence and folklore since the Yeti caught his interest in 1960, leading him to research mysterious panther sightings and reports of apes in the American Midwest. He has traveled to 45 states, as well as to Canada, Mexico, and the Virgin Islands, interviewing witnesses of lake monster, Sasquatch, giant snake, mystery feline, phantom kangaroo, thunderbird, and other creature encounters and folklore. Being a correspondent with cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson from 1961 onward, Coleman suggested to Sanderson the idea of the Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the early 1960s, and then worked closely with Mark A. Hall, Sanderson, and others. Coleman spent two years in California in the 1970s, meeting and journeying with Bigfooters to remote locations in the Pacific Northwest. On 20 October 1997, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the famous filming of a Californian Sasquatch, Loren Coleman was one of the first ten inductees into the future Roger Patterson Memorial Bigfoot Museum in Portland, Oregon. Coleman has one of the most extensive collections of cryptozoological artifacts, Bigfoot print casts, replica skulls, commercial and mounted specimens, on the East Coast. His plans include the creation of a Portland, Maine-based Rare Animal and Cryptozoology Museum, around the turn of the century.

Loren Coleman's first articles were published in 1969. He went on to write two books with Jerome Clark (The Unidentified [1975] and Creatures of the Outer Edge [1978], both published by Warner Books). In the 1980s, Coleman wrote Mysterious America (1983), Curious Encounters (1985), and Tom Slick and the Search for the Yeti (1989), all bestsellers for Faber and Faber.

Loren Coleman has a forthcoming book (April 1999) on the international situation regarding Bigfoot and related hominoids, entitled The Field Guide to Bigfoot, Yeti, and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide (with Patrick Huyghe, from Avon). It will be the first widely published extension, revision and updating of Ivan T. Sanderson's 1961 classification system. Furthermore, Coleman is writing (with Jerome Clark) a major cryptozoology book for Simon and Schuster (Summer 1999), and editing a new journal, The Cryptozoologist, slated for publication by the end of 1998.

Coleman has an undergraduate degree in anthropology-zoology and a graduate degree in psychiatric social work, with doctoral work in anthropology and sociology. An adjunct associate professor at the University of Southern Maine, he has taught courses on cryptozoology, research, and is still teaching a decade-long popular class every semester on documentary films. Coleman also recently was a visiting assistant professor in social work at the University of New England, and will be teaching a course on Race and Ethnic Studies at St. Joseph's College. He has produced films and written extensively in social affairs. Coleman has authored or edited eight such books, including the bestseller Suicide Clusters (Faber and Faber, 1987), which was a Psychotherapy Book Club selection, and appeared on The Larry King Show and elsewhere discussing it.

Biographical information provided by Loren Coleman

Loren Coleman
PO Box 360
Portland, ME 04112
The Cryptozoologist

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